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ESI Climbing Release & Rescue - Annual Refresher


UETDRVC010 - Perform rescue from within a tree in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus

VESI Climbing Annual Refresher



This unit covers the process of release and rescue of a tree climber working near live electrical apparatus, where an injured or unconscious tree climber is safely brought to the ground from a tree. Rescue and release safe working procedures requires hazard identification, basic first aid and emergency procedures, and tree climbing techniques. Release and rescue are likely to be undertaken in emergency situations with little or no supervision. Discretion and judgement are required in the selection of equipment, organisation of rescue, and associated actions. Competency is demonstrated by the application of knowledge and skills to a range of rescue tasks and roles usually within established enterprise guidelines.

It includes safely accessing trees from above ground level to install restraints/slings, removing tree limbs in a safe manner, and clearing debris from the felling site to eliminate the occurrence of electrical incidents. It does not include entry of persons, mobile plant, equipment, and/or specialised tools into to the safe approach distance (SAD) as defined.

Also included is the preparation of risk assessment control measures that encompass job safety assessment. All work and zones are in compliance with relevant state or territory regulatory agencies/bodies, local government legislation, industry bi-partite bodies, guidelines/codes of practices or other related requirements for safe work and access near live electrical and mechanical apparatus.

The skills and knowledge described in this unit may only be practiced under the regulations pertaining to each state and territory for the safe planning and removal of vegetation around live powerlines up to the live work zone, including near live electrical apparatus, and regulations that directly relate to work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) and/or contracts of training where they apply.


Pre-requisite Unit

Common Unit Group or Equivalent

  • UETDREL002 Comply with environmental requirements
  • UETDREL006 Work safely in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker
  • UETDRVC001 Apply work health and safety requirements for powerline vegetation control
  • UETDRVC006 Control vegetation in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus from within the tree
  • UETDRVC007 Control vegetation using pruning techniques
  • UETDRVC009 Monitor vegetation control work in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus


Competency Field


  • Course Duration
  • Course Outcomes
  • Training Locations
  • Group Bookings

Short Course

Duration: 1-Day

ESI Climbing Annual Refresher course provides you with the mandatory training to refresh your knowledge and skills in the industry to ensure compliance with the code of practice and safe work methods.

This course includes the accredited unit of competency in line with the ESV and Vegetation Skills Training Matrix


We deliver this course through one day of Theory and hands on Practical 


This course is a part of the Mandatory Annual Refresher Requirements for Climbing Arborists:

  • AusNet
  • Citypower
  • Council
  • Jemena
  • Powercor
  • ORP
  • United Energy

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of the 1-Day course you will receive a Statement of Attainment certifying your completion of the National Recognised Training.


Accredited Units of Competency included:

  • UETDRVC010 - Perform rescue from within a tree in the vicinity of live electrical apparatus


For further information contact our team at admin@dnatraining.com.au


DNA Training Solutions works in auspice agreement with Thoughtplanters RTO 40739. Statements of Attainment and Certificates are issued through Thoughtplanters as Nationally Recognised Training


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Training Locations

ESI Annual Climbing Refresher can provide you with access to our e-learning portal.

You can complete your theory anytime anywhere. You don't have to sit in a classroom!

You will be able to access our Trainers and Assessors through the e-learning portal.

We offer LLN support to help guide you through your learning journey with us. 

Once you have finished your theory you will automatically sent a notification of the Practical Day training location. 


Practical Location

Immerse yourself in the simulated training environment with DNA Training Solutions at over 200 acres of lush vegetation. We provide practical training location access all year round at our varies sights in the Yarra Ranges

  • Avonsleigh
  • Beaconsfield
  • Gembrook
  • Gruyere
  • Macclesfield


Practical Skills Formation is an important part of your learning journey so we take you off site to apply your skills under the safe direction of your Trainer and Assessor. We limit 6 student per Trainer and Assessor to ensure you have quality skill instruction and essential one on one time to formulate your technique. 


Please bring relevant PPE for climbing including your climbign gear to your practical training days.
The Trainer and Assessor will help you with an annual quality inspection of your life saving climbing gear so it is important you bring all of your equipment. 

Group Bookings

We provide group training that tailors the training to suit your organisational needs.

We offer to train your staff in the correct use and technique with your equipment which will assist in minimising health and safety risks within the workplace.

Being professionally trained in ESI Annual Climbing Refresher to ensure your team keeps ontop of industry requirements


For a tailored training quote contact us on 0405781459 or email admin@dnatraining.com.au


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